Going Electric: Expert Survey on the Future of Battery Technologies for Electric Vehicles

The paper describes the results of a survey, carried out with leading EU experts, on the capacity of both fully electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles to reach commercial success in the next twenty years. The success of electric transport is hampered by a combination of low range, scarce efficiency and high costs of batteries. Costs […]

Preliminary report: SOLAR PV and CSP technologies

The present report provides a preliminary analysis of the outputs of the expert elicitation survey, carried out within the 3-year ERC-funded project on innovation in carbon-free technologies, ICARUS. You can browse the html version below or Download the pdf version of this report [408Kb]. The experts Technical potential of solar technologies RD&D effectiveness on future […]

TEDxLakeComo – Valentina Bosetti – on innovations in the fight against climate changes

Reinventing the Wheel: Green and cost-effective approach for expert elicitation

Expert elicitation processes are increasingly applied in environmental policy analyses, to deal with complex phenomena characterised by lack or scarcity of data. Judgments and information obtained from the experts are applied to overcome uncertainty limits of analytic modelling, to support decision-making processes, to populate knowledge and quantitative models and to enhance the synergism of inter-experts […]

Prof. Tarascon on Batteries

Expert: Prof. Jean-Marie Tarascon, Université de la Picardie (France)

Question: “How do you think the transport sector is likely to evolve in the next 20 years?”

Prof. Armand on Batteries

Expert: Michel Armand, Université de la Picardie (France)

Question: “”How do you think the transport sector is likely to evolve in the next 20 years?””

Dr. Jäger-Waldau on Solar

Expert: Arnulf Jäger-Waldau, Joint Research Center – EU

Question: “How do you envision the energy sector in 2050?”

7-8 April 2011: International Workshop on “RD&D Needs to Enhance the Role of Nuclear Energy In Meeting Climate and Energy Challenges”

The objective of the Workshop is to present the main results of an expert elicitation survey on the role of research, development, and demonstration (RD&D) in addressing the major problems of nuclear fission. After a presentation of the survey results, participants will discuss both areas of agreement and areas of disagreement, in an effort to understand where there is consensus and where the most important disputes and uncertainties lie.