Expert elicitation

While data collection and analysis can provide extremely valuable information on past dynamics and development, ICARUS recognizes the determining role of uncertainty on the outcome of current and future innovation processes. In order to gauge the distorting effect of uncertainty on innovating firms’ behavior, ICARUS is carrying out a comprehensive experts’ elicitation process. This will result in new quantitative data and qualitative information on the technical characteristics of different carbon-free technologies and on the main barriers to their success and diffusion into the market.
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Report: Policy recommendations for Biofuel technologies

Biofuels are a viable substitution for oil-derived fuels in the transport sector. However, the substitution of fossil fuels with first generation biofuels raises many concerns with regards to their ecological and social sustainability, and to the net savings of greenhouse gases with respect to conventional fossil fuels. To become a real contributor to the energy […]

Short Technical Report: Electric drive vehicles

Electric drive vehicles have the potential to change the road as we know it. However their cost is still high and many technical and non-technical barriers impede the diffusion of this technology. Within the Icarus project, we interviewed fourteen leading international experts on the expected evolution of electric drive vehicles. In this short report, we […]

Report: Policy recommendations for SOLAR PV and CSP technologies

SOLAR PV and CSP technologies Policy recommendations from the ICARUS survey on current state and future developments Solar PV and CSP technologies represent a concrete and promising solution to reduce the dependence from fossil sources, and therefore to meet climate change policy targets while ensuring reliable energy supply. The ICARUS team interviewed 16 leading experts […]

Short Technical Report : Biofuel technologies

Biofuels are an option for the substitution of fossil fuels in the transport sector. Despite the many technologies available for the transformation of biomass in liquid fuels, there still is a long road before becoming a sustainable and competitive alternative. Based on interviews to 15 leading international experts, this short report on biofuels – produced […]

Report: RD&D to Enhance the Role of Nuclear Energy in Meeting Climate and Energy Challenges

The future role of nuclear energy is a key factor in determining a long-term energy strategy to cope with the challenges ahead: quenching the energy thirst of a growing planet; providing universal access to modern sources of energy; assuring energy security and availability at reasonable costs; facing the threat of climate change, which calls for […]

Preliminary report: SOLAR PV and CSP technologies

The present report provides a preliminary analysis of the outputs of the expert elicitation survey, carried out within the 3-year ERC-funded project on innovation in carbon-free technologies, ICARUS. You can browse the html version below or Download the pdf version of this report [408Kb]. The experts Technical potential of solar technologies RD&D effectiveness on future […]

Nuclear web survey launched

The ICARUS Nuclear Survey was launched on November, 4th, 2010. The expert elicitation survey involves top European experts and aims at better understanding the current status and future prospects of nuclear research, development, and demonstration at the European and global level. This information will help draft a set of precise and comprehensive recommendations on future […]

Reinventing the Wheel: Green and cost-effective approach for expert elicitation

Expert elicitation processes are increasingly applied in environmental policy analyses, to deal with complex phenomena characterised by lack or scarcity of data. Judgments and information obtained from the experts are applied to overcome uncertainty limits of analytic modelling, to support decision-making processes, to populate knowledge and quantitative models and to enhance the synergism of inter-experts […]

Energy technologies in 2030 – the first chapter of ICARUS experts’ elicitation

A major role in combating climate change will be played by innovative technologies that are less carbon intensive than the current ones. In the ICARUS project we investigate several technologies for the transport and energy sectors in order to understand if they will become commercial and common technologies, in future decades. In these first months […]

Prof. Tarascon on Batteries

Expert: Prof. Jean-Marie Tarascon, Université de la Picardie (France)

Question: “How do you think the transport sector is likely to evolve in the next 20 years?”

Prof. Armand on Batteries

Expert: Michel Armand, Université de la Picardie (France)

Question: “”How do you think the transport sector is likely to evolve in the next 20 years?””

Dr. Jäger-Waldau on Solar

Expert: Arnulf Jäger-Waldau, Joint Research Center – EU

Question: “How do you envision the energy sector in 2050?”