Going Electric: Expert Survey on the Future of Battery Technologies for Electric Vehicles

The paper describes the results of a survey, carried out with leading EU experts, on the capacity of both fully electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles to reach commercial success in the next twenty years. The success of electric transport is hampered by a combination of low range, scarce efficiency and high costs of batteries. Costs […]

Light duty vehicle transportation and global climate policy: the importance of electric drive vehicles

With a focus on establishing whether climate targets can be met under different personal transport scenarios we introduce a transport sector representing the use and profile of light domestic vehicles (LDVs) into the integrated assessment model WITCH. In doing so we develop long term projections of light domestic vehicle use and define potential synergies between […]

Deviations in Kilometres Travelled: The Impact of Different Mobility Futures on Energy Use and Climate Policy

The importance of a focus on mobility and the kilometres travelled using light duty vehicles is reflected in the persistence of strong demand for personal mobility and emissions that tend to be linked with population and economic growth. Simulation results using the WITCH model show that changes in the kilometres driven per year using light […]

Short Technical Report: Electric drive vehicles

Electric drive vehicles have the potential to change the road as we know it. However their cost is still high and many technical and non-technical barriers impede the diffusion of this technology. Within the Icarus project, we interviewed fourteen leading international experts on the expected evolution of electric drive vehicles. In this short report, we […]

Energy technologies in 2030 – the first chapter of ICARUS experts’ elicitation

A major role in combating climate change will be played by innovative technologies that are less carbon intensive than the current ones. In the ICARUS project we investigate several technologies for the transport and energy sectors in order to understand if they will become commercial and common technologies, in future decades. In these first months […]

Prof. Tarascon on Batteries

Expert: Prof. Jean-Marie Tarascon, Université de la Picardie (France)

Question: “How do you think the transport sector is likely to evolve in the next 20 years?”

Prof. Armand on Batteries

Expert: Michel Armand, Université de la Picardie (France)

Question: “”How do you think the transport sector is likely to evolve in the next 20 years?””