Advanced biofuels: Future perspectives from an expert elicitation survey

This paper illustrates the main results of an expert elicitation survey on advanced (second and third generation) biofuel technologies. The survey focuses on eliciting probabilistic information on the future costs of advanced biofuels and on the potential role of Research, Development and Demonstration (RD&D) efforts in reducing these costs and in supporting the deployment of […]

Report: Policy recommendations for Biofuel technologies

Biofuels are a viable substitution for oil-derived fuels in the transport sector. However, the substitution of fossil fuels with first generation biofuels raises many concerns with regards to their ecological and social sustainability, and to the net savings of greenhouse gases with respect to conventional fossil fuels. To become a real contributor to the energy […]

Short Technical Report : Biofuel technologies

Biofuels are an option for the substitution of fossil fuels in the transport sector. Despite the many technologies available for the transformation of biomass in liquid fuels, there still is a long road before becoming a sustainable and competitive alternative. Based on interviews to 15 leading international experts, this short report on biofuels – produced […]

Energy technologies in 2030 – the first chapter of ICARUS experts’ elicitation

A major role in combating climate change will be played by innovative technologies that are less carbon intensive than the current ones. In the ICARUS project we investigate several technologies for the transport and energy sectors in order to understand if they will become commercial and common technologies, in future decades. In these first months […]